Financial overview and reporting, property management, risk management, supervision of Treasurer and Financial Secretary, and stewardship education.

Team Members: Les Shenefelt (Chair), Living Light of Peace; David Sampson, Hutchinson; Dave Smith, Hutchinson; Lauren Worley, Wichita

CRT Meeting Minutes - 1/10/16

CRT Meeting Minutes – 1/10/16

The team met Jan 10 at 4 pm via teleconference. Members present: Wylene Lengel, Judy Wrightsman Members Absent: Barbara Flory, Dale Minnich, Cathy Patrick, Terri Torres, Gloria Price Wylene Lengel opened with a short devotion and prayer. Wylene Lengel reported that she was in contact with Frances Oltman regarding replacing Cathy Patrick, Judy Wrightsman, and … read on

Mens Retreat

Men’s Retreat 2016

Plan now to attend the Western Plains District Men’s Retreat, which will be held April 8-9 at the Heartland Center for Spirituality in Great Bend, Kan.

Biking for peace

Biking for peace

Michael Himlie of Harmony Minn. is a former McPherson College student. While in McPherson he also ministered with the Buckeye congregation as well as worked with the youth at the McPherson congregation. Michael and a friend will soon be embarking on a bike road trip to raise funds for Christian Peacemaker Teams. To learn more, … read on

Leadership Training Feb 2016

Leadership Training registration deadline February 8

Please join us for Western Plains District’s Leadership Training for pastors AND lay church leaders! February 21-24, 2016 Heartland Center for Spirituality, Dominican Convent, Great Bend, Kan. RSVP by Monday, February 8



January is here. Another year past. And the memories crowd back. All the things done. All the things undone. All the times I wish I had done something. All the times I wish I had not done something. And among the things I was thinking was a program I recently heard on “gratitude.”

“From Call to Empty Tomb” Ventures course to be held Feb. 13

The next Ventures in Christian Discipleship workshop through McPherson College will take place February 13 and will feature leadership by Steve Crain, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion at McPherson College. Participants in the course entitled “From Call to Empty Tomb: An encounter with Jesus” will strive together to hear Jesus’ voice, to feel his … read on

Womens Retreat

Women’s Retreat 2016

Western Plains District Women’s Retreat will be held April 8-10 at the Cross Wind Conference Center in Hesston Kan. Tara Hornbacker, Professor of Ministry Formation, Evangelism, and Missional Leadership at Bethany Theological Seminary, always wanted to have her own Christian cooking show on TV. Now you can join her as a studio audience for the … read on

Brethren Bracelets for Haiti

Brethren Bracelets for Haiti

Dustin Wilgers of the McPherson congregation has started a campaign for the Haiti Medical Project through the making and sharing of “Brethren Bracelets.” This social campaign is raising money to address the glaring physical needs in Haiti while at the same time fostering emotional connections.

CRT Meeting Minutes - 11/8/15

CRT Meeting Minutes – 11/8/15

The team met Sunday November 8, 2015 at 4 pm via teleconference. Members present: Barbara Flory, Terri Torres, Dale Minnich, Judy Wrightsman, Wylene Lengel Members absent: Cathy Patrick, Gloria Price Wylene led a devotion focused on thankfulness. Members needing replacement after this year: Cathy Patrick, Judy Wrightsman Children’s coordinator needing replacement: Laura Snyder Wylene will … read on


RYC 2016–Strip Down: Changing from the Inside Out

Plan now to attend Regional Youth Conference to take place February 26-28 at McPherson College!