Gifts Discernment

Leads in discerning and calling qualified persons to assignments in areas of their spiritual gifts, passion, and experience to carry out District ministries.

Team Members: Dorothy Davidson, Chair-McPherson, Janice Crist-Quinter, Hazel Lauver-First Central

Ex Officio:  Keith Funk-Quinter (Moderator-Elect), Sonja Griffith-First Central (D.E.M.)


So…what does all that mean? How does it affect the District?

We believe that God has created each of us in His Image and has given us specific and individual Gifts, not talents but gifts, so that we can Glorify, Honor and serve Him with Joy and be deeply Blessed in doing so!  Many of us can do many things well or can learn to do them well. Some of us are “good at” specific things. Those are our talents. Finding your Gift, that which God has created in you, means finding what gives you energy…your passion, and then putting it to good use in His Kingdom Work upon this earth! This means instead of feeling we “have” to do something, our entire focus becomes “we get to” do something (for our Lord, for our Church)

We become excited about our calling; we find joy in what we are doing for Him, and really, shouldn’t we be excited and joyful about serving the Creator; the King of Kings; the Lord of Lords; the One Who gave His only begotten Son….so that we who believe in Him might have Everlasting Life! (If that doesn’t give you joy and get you excited…well, I can’t imagine what will!)

How does this happen? It begins and ends with prayer. The Gift Discernment Team meets to pray; for example we spent most of 7 hours on one occasion in prayer, seeking Whom God would call into His Service. It is remembering first of all, it is His Service; His Church. We pray and speak what we as individuals believe He is revealing to us; and then we pray some more! It is exciting and amazing to be part of giving these things to God and attuning our ears to His Voice.

It’s really quite simple but it takes intention. It’s a bit like learning a new dance (if Brethren were to dance…). We simply place our hands  in the Hand of our Dance Partner (our Lord) and listen as He whispers in our ear ” Dont worry; let Me lead; just follow Me… and soon we find the “dance” quite beautiful and as natural as breathing in and breathing out!

We are excited to be placing Western Plains Transformation Vision Team into the Hands of the One who created us; the One whom we serve!

Cheryl Mishler, Past Chair Gift Discernment Team